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6MM Mandalorian

Christopher Schultz

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My Story

Location: Minnesota


Age: 35

How long playing airsoft: 2004

How long wearing Mando armor: December 2019

How did you discover the Mandalorians: Boba Fett was my favorite character growing up, my first chapter book that I remember reading as a kid was Star Wars: Tales of the bounty hunter. I've been devouring anything and everything Mandalorian and Star Wars ever since.

What made you want to do a Mando kit: I had come off of a year break from Airsofting after a move and wanted to put a new kit together. Just so happened to be the same time The Mandalorian had released. Did you make or buy your kit: A lot of my kit was purchased, but all of it was heavily modified and customized. What is the next part of your kit you want to upgrade or modify: I currently am working on finishing my traditional gunslinger helmet, it will have a fan system, hearing amplification/protection, and a functioning rangefinder.


Who’s your favorite Mandalorian: Can't go wrong with the new flagship, Din Djarin


What is your favorite event to play your kit in? I enjoy participating in Milsims with my kit, a lot of thought has gone into my kit in order to make it not only Mandalorian themed but also functional. My favorite events that I have kitted up for are the Galactic Civil War series events that I have I help put on with the rest of the Galactic Airsoft Alliance.


What is your advice to a player looking to make a Mandalorian kit: Ask questions! There are a lot of good resources available, and more and more Airsoft Mandalorians every day.


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